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Products & services

Carpets sale
We sell carpets in both metro and piece. We also offer rugs, carpet plans and carpets with child motives. Carpets are supplied with accessories and staircases.

Production of carpets
We are producing carpets. We produce all kinds of carpets for various uses. We process only high quality materials and focus on the design of our products so that they are not only original but also a functional complement of the interior.

We provide carpeting. Take the opportunity to revive old or damaged carpets, which we cut and wrap around your design. You get the new addition at the minimum cost and exactly according to your ideas.

Cutting of carpets
We offer carpet cutting. The selected carpet is adjusted to your desired shape. We supply floor fabrics in any sizes and shapes. We also perform the finishing work by stitching.

Laying of floor coverings
We provide laying of floor coverings. We produce and sell floor fabrics, which can be customized according to your wishes and we will ensure their professional laying.

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