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GZ Metal s.r.o.

Company Profile

GZ Metal s.r.o.

GZ METAL company is, since its inception in 2006, engaged in the processing of precious metals and alloys, and subsequent production of investment products.

Our activities

  • Production of souvenirs made from precious metals according to your requests
  • Supply of semi-precious metals
  • Purchase of gold chips, coins, alloys, etc.
  • Purchase and processing of materials containing precious metals

Our services

  • We guarantee the best prices of precious metals purchase in Czech Republic
  • We put emphasis on professional and quality work
  • In exchange for your material  we supply semi-finished products or investment products
  • Our expert team is always ready to provide complete service

Sample analysis

Analysis on the precious metal content in advance, required by the customer, is carried out at the premises of the company GZ metal ltd. during the transfer of the material.

Refining and returning of the material

We are refining precious metals from raw materials. Time of refining wastes differs depending on the complexity of the processing material and the number of necessary process steps. On request, we return the excavated material: Au (granules, ingot), Ag (granules).

All technology and processing operations are performed in Liberec at U Sila 1139th.

Terms and Conditions

In relation with GZ Metal Ltd. with business partners, citizens.


Material with DK (PM) - means material containing precious metals by chemical elements - Ag, Au, Pd, Pt, Rh.

LBPM - LBAM FIX - afternoon - morning price PM fixing on the London Stock Exchange.

Buyer and processor means a company GZ Metal Ltd. Revoluční 767/25, Prague 1st.

IR: 272 98779 UID: GB 272 98 779

The seller is the owner of the material containing PM, which has an interest in reprocessing, analyzing and selling the material.

Business Activity Specification

  • Retail
  • Business Service
  • Manufacturer


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