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GZ Metal s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We are engaged in processing of precious metals and alloys. We are dedicated to the purchase and sale of investment gold and silver. We treat materials containing precious metals and we redesign material. We buy electronic material.

Products & services

Investment metals
We deal with complex processing of precious metals and alloys, and their subsequent storage or sale as investment products. We offer a wide range of investment products from gold, silver to platinum and palladium.

Materials containing precious metals
We purchase materials containing precious metals and ensure their processing. We offer the best prices for purchase of precious metals in the country.

Supply of semi-finish precious metals
We supply semi-finished precious metals. We provide extraction of precious metals and their processing into semi-finished products, and various investment products.

Purchase of gold chips, coins and alloys
We buy gold coins, alloys and gold chips, including waste. Purchase prices are governed by the current prices of precious metals on world markets.

Dental material
We buy and process dental materials and dental waste. Dental material includes amalgams, crowns, bridges, but we also buy X-ray images.

Processing of electronic material
We are engaged in the collection and processing of electronic material. Processing of electronic waste - PC equipment, televisions, radios, medical devices, etc.

Refining materials containing precious metals
We are dedicated to refining materials containing precious metals. After refining, we return the excavated material to the client, or we make investment metals.

Analysis of precious metals
We analyze precious metals contained in the material supplied by the customer. The spectral analysis of precious metals takes place at the premises of the company GZ metal.

Reprocessing materials containing precious metals
We provide reprocessing of materials containing precious metals. By refining we obtain pure metal which is then revised in investment products according to the clients' request.

Purchase of radiographs
We purchase and process materials from X-ray departments. We purchase X-ray images at competitive prices. We buy images from medical and veterinary practices.

Refining of gold
We provide refining of precious metals incl. gold. For refining we are removing atypical materials. On request, we return mined gold in the form of a strand and granulated materials.

Purchase of old jewelry
We purchase old jewelry, we reprocess it and after the agreement we return in in a form of investment metal. Purchase of old gold and silver jewelry.

Purchase of fractional gold
We purchase fractional gold and jewelery waste. We buy scrap gold and jewelry production residues, but also broken and older jewelry.

Purchase and processing of carcatalyzator
We are licensed to disposal of disabled catalysts. We buy and process used carcatalyzator. The price of the purchase is determined on the spot.

Sales of precious genuine metals
We sell genuine precious metals. We are dedicated to the sale of precious metals and metals investment. We sell ​​precious metals reworked into investment products.

Melting of material
We perform melting of material. We are fusing different kinds of metals. Smelting of precious metals including gold and silver.

Electrical waste processing
We offer purchase and processing of electrical and electronic equipment. We will prepare and struck complete electro-waste. Purchase of office equipment, fuses, electric motors, coils etc.

For refining we choose even atypical materials. After refining it possible to set a precious-metals entitlement account with us.

Collection of electronic waste
We take contacts, printed circuit boards, cables, PINs, HDD, CPU, memory and other electronic components.

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