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GAPA MB s.r.o.

GAPA MB s.r.o.

Production of mats and cleaning zones. Door, interior, bathroom, swimming pool, industrial mats. Mats dimensions accordning to the requirements. Production of mats accessories - door brush bar, staircase edge and bar, anti-slipping tape. A wide offer of products in different versions and high quality. We approach every customer individually and with friendliness towards his requirements. Call us.

Products & services

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Door mats - for interior and exterior use

1. cleaning zone for a rough dirt. We produce door mats from adjusted aluminium and in rectangular profile shapes. Into those profiles we put either rubber, textile or brush segments, which ensures clean shoes. [ more information ]

Textile mats - for indoors use

2. cleaning zone for fine dirt. Indoors mats are usually made of polypropylen fibers in loop shapes,attached to a firm base. The surface can be improved with polyamid fibers. The mats can also be made with a logo. [ more information ]

Swimming pool mats

Mats for swimming pools, saunas, showers, changing rooms, etc. We use specially adjusted rubber materials. [ more information ]

Industrial mats

Anti-fatigue mats for industry, gastronomy and industrial floor surfaces. Antistatic and electro-insulating mats. We use specially adjusted rubber materials. [ more information ]

Frames for floor embedding

We offer many frames to the mats. Take an advantage of our offer of frames for mats floor embedding made of aluminium or stainless steel. [ more information ]

Reinforced frame for heavy demands

For a heavy demand we have reinforced frames. The concrete information and sketches can be found on our websiteu. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Upstream frames

In our offer you should also take a look at our upstream frames, which we offer in aluminium and dimensions 45/10, 45/20, 65/16, 65/20 mm.

Rubber upstream for textile mats

In our offer a rubber upstream for textile mats is a must have. All of our products are offered in a high quality. You should see for yourself and contact us not only for rubber upstreams.

Cover foils

We offer many accessories to our mats. That of course includes cover foils, which is strong and resistant with a sticking layer, which is developed for carpet covering of all types of floors and mats. [ more information ]

Door brush bar

Door brush bar is made for covering of the space between the bottom door edge and the floor. The bar is made of plastic and in it is a movable brush. Door brush bars are offered in different colors.

Staircase edge and bar

Prevent slipping even there where anti-slippery tapes are not enough and take an advantage of staircases edges and bars, which are made in three types: staircase bar, staircase edge with an end, staircase edge without an end.

Anti-slipping tape

Anti-slipping tape is convenient for every type of staircases and floors. It is provided with self-adhesive layer and sharp carborund sand.


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Mat frames

Safe installation of mats is associated with the appropriate frame. In our offer you will find floor frames, reinforced frames for heavy loads, racking frames, but also rubber ramps for ...
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Industrial mats for manufactures

We provide a secure working environment in workshops by supplying industrial mats. The industrial mats of our offer are made of proven materials, are durable and meet all the conditions ...
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Swimming pool, shower mats

We provide special swimming pools for your swimming pools, showers, saunas. Pool mats prevent unwanted accidents, carry water and maintain well. In our offer you will find, for example, Soft ...
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