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Sell: Oil (sunflower, rape), Frozen vegetables and food, Quality cream and marmalade, Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa beans, Pineapples, Dried milk, Game, Bull, Juice, Chilean. For most products, private label production is possible. We are direct importers and representatives of food companies. In addition, we produce hand blown and metallurgical glass and products from it.

Products & services

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Wholesale supplies of quality oils

We deal with wholesale supplies of high quality oils. We focus on the offer of refined rapeseed and sunflower oils to wholesalers. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Rape oil to plants and manufactures

We offer rapeseed oil in supplies necessary for operations and production. We will provide high-quality rapeseed oil in sufficient quantities for operations, food and retail chains.

Sunflower oil to plants and manufactures

In our offer you will find high-quality sunflower oil in quantities required for plants and factories. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of quality sunflower oil for your plant or factory? Contact us!

Truckloads of quality oil

We deal with deliveries of quality oil for wholesale customers in truckload. Our goal is to provide truckload of quality oil for production and other operations. Contact us for more information.

Frozen vegetables for bulk buyers

Supplemental sales of high-quality oils include deliveries of frozen vegetables for wholesale customers. If you are interested in quality frozen vegetables for your gastronomic establishments or chains, please contact us.

Juices for bulk buyers

We focus on selling quality oil as well as other additional products. One of the products offered is quality juice. For more information about the menu of juices, please contact us.

Chilean wines for wholesale customers

We deliver high quality Chilean wines at great prices. If you are interested in quality Chilean wines, please contact us for more information. We look forward to you!

Virgin olive oil for bulk buyers

We are supplying high quality virgin oil for wholesale customers. Our range of quality oils also counts on the demand for high quality olive oil. Contact us for more information.

Sugar for bulk buyers

We offer sugar for wholesale customers. Retail products for retail chains, food establishments and other establishments include sugar. If you are interested, please contact us.

Coffee for wholesale customers

We are importing and selling quality coffee for wholesale customers. Do you expect a reliable supplier of quality coffee? Then you are in the right place with us. Contact us for more information.

Coffee beans for bulk buyers

We supply cofee beans for wholesale customers. We deal with import and wholesale of quality oils, but also coffee beans. Contact us for more information.

Refined oils - wholesale

We are a reliable supplier of high quality refined oils. We focus on wholesale sales of refined oils. Contact us for more information.

Truckload of quality oils

We are a reliable supplier of production and retail chains. We specialize in delivering high-quality oils in the form of truckloads. Contact us for more information.

Import and sale of sunflower and rapeseed oil

We are importing and selling quality sunflower and rapeseed oil. We are a supplier you can rely on. If you are interested in sunflower or rapeseed oil, please contact us.

Reliable supplier of oils

We are a reliable supplier of high-quality refined, rape and sunflower oils not only for food plants and plants. If you are looking for a quality oil supplier, then you are at the right address. Contact us!

Selling Leads

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Chilean wines - wholesale

We offer a wide range of quality Chilean wines. We are primarily importers of high quality refined, sunflower and rapeseed oils, but based on many requirements from our customers' side, ...
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Frozen vegetables - wholesale

Our main product is high quality refined sunflower, rape and olive oil, but at our customers' wishes, we have expanded our business with other products such as frozen vegetables. We ...
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Oil deliveries - truckloads

We are importing and supplying quality refined rape and sunflower oils. Our customers are mainly food businesses and other large customers, so our tonnage units are also included in truck ...
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