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Finanční poradenství Praha

Finanční poradenství Praha

We offer comprehensive services in the field of financial advisory for both private and corporate clients. Needs analysis and following advisory in the field of goods investement, income management, financial family health. We treat every customer individually and we offer the best circumstances. We know the financial fair very well and we offer quality services. See for yourself and contact me!

Products & services

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Complex services in real estate market

I work in the real estate market. It's about helping to rent a property, buy and sell it in the form of good advertising, access to the auction environment. Thanks to professional access, I save you time and money.

Comprehensive financial advisory services

We provide complex financial advisory services in terms of the function of the insurance intermediary and the tied agent of the registered CNB. We offer quality financial services targeted at clients' needs.

Financial advice for private clients

We will simplify your life, save you time and worries. Together, we will secure the income and financial health of your family or individuals from childhood to happy old age.

Financial advice for corporate clients

Business requires a great deal of responsibility, and you want everything to be all right. Whether you need to deal with anything in your business, do not hesitate to contact me. I provide quality financial advice for corporate clients.

Insurance consultancy

I can help you find answers to questions of insurance of various kinds. I prefer sensitive dealings with clients with regard to their key needs and dreams. Rely on my knowledge and contact me for advice on insurance.

Investment consultancy

I offer qualified analysis and follow-up advice on investment products. I advise how to invest properly and properly. I approach each client individually and with maximum care. I guarantee quality, friendliness and willingness. I look forward to you.


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Expert financial adviser Prague

The current financial market is so complicated that it is difficult for an individual to orient and stay in the picture. I offer the services of a professional financial adviser, ...
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Evaluation of funds

I offer the opportunity to evaluate the financial resources for both individual and corporate clients. I am a professional in the field and a financial market expert, the goal of ...
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Financial management

I provide expert advice on financial management. Quality advice is preceded by a detailed analysis of the current situation, needs and expectations, followed by the possibilities of solving, evaluating and ...
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