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Fimex, spol. s r.o.

Fimex, spol. s r.o.

We specialize in the sale of food machines for meat production. We are exclusive suppliers of food machines from leading companies from Germany, Austria, Italy and other European countries. We sell intestines and sausage covers and meat products, our specialty is the SUN package, which delivers the flavor and aroma to our products. We also offer spices, marinades and meat products.

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Food processing machines for meat production

We offer a wide range of food processing machines for meat production, poultry and fish processing or cheese and dairy products. We are exclusive suppliers of food machines from leading European companies. You can find the full offer on our website. [ more information ]

Vacuum cues and lashing lines

We are the exclusive importer of Handtmann vacuum hooks and fasteners. These high-quality machines allow accurate meat cutting and efficient filling into packaging.

Cutting and slicing machines

Treif's German machines allow precise cutting, mowing, slicing or checkering - not just meat, but also sausages and cheeses.

Meat cutters

We supply Laska meat cutters that can make both fresh and frozen meat. Their maintenance and cleaning are very simple, intuitive control.


Laska's kutras are the top in their industry. They are fast, powerful, economical and accurate. Homogenizing meat is a piece of cake with them.


Do you want to have a well-used and fragrant sausage? We sell quality German smokers from the Sorgo for butchery and meat production that exceed your expectations.

Leather pullers

We offer you a Maya leather pouch and poultry and fish and Intecal hand-held pneumatic pullers. Meat can be removed from the skin without damaging it.

Service of food machines

We provide our customers regular servicing of machines from us and their warranty and post-warranty repairs. When the machine breaks down, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you.

Sale of used food machines

We sell new and used food machines. Take advantage of great deals and friendly prices for proven quality!

Meats and sausage covers and meat products

We supply guts and wrappers for salami, ham, sausages and sausages. Choose between fibrous, polyamide or tailor-made guts. Our specialty is World Pac's SUN Packaging that delivers the flavor of the product. [ more information ]

Intestines print

We print all the guts we deliver. We will print the wood according to your design, up to a width of 380 mm.

Ripening of the intestines

We also provide gut bowing. We are able to process intestines with a diameter of 19 to 120 mm.

Cuttings and other modifications to the intestines

We distribute the bowl in cylinders or cut-outs of any length and we provide a Ready To Use (RTU). Upon request, we can also treat AMA against mold, which extends the shelf life of the product.

Seasonings and additives to meat products

In order to have your meat products in the right taste, we offer you a wide variety of ready-made spice mixtures (eg. jellies, sausages, pates, sausages, sausages, etc.) and additives to give your products the desired properties. [ more information ]

Culinary spices, herbs and marinades

We sell also single spices and herbs, mixtures (pizza, soup, grill, etc.) and marinades. Marinade sauces will save you work on meat preparation; the meat loaded in them can be further processed after two hours.


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Machines for the food industry

We are suppliers of machinery for the food industry from German, Austrian, Italian and other European producers. We provide high-quality machines for processing meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, but also ...
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Assortment for the food industry

We supply all the necessary assortment for food manufacturers. We are a reliable supplier of machinery and production lines to food processing establishments, we offer a wide range of sausage ...
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Service of food machines

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of food machines and equipment and their assembly. Our services are extremely complex. They begin with the exact analysis of your requirements, the design ...
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