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FF Servis, spol., s.r.o. Products & services

Food supplements in tablets

We specialize in dietary supplements in tablets to support and regenerate the body. We offer dietary supplements in tablets for digestive, nerve and musculoskeletal support, the whole body, or weight reduction. [ more information ]

Supportive food preparations

We offer supportive food products to regenerate and protect the body. Supportive food preparations contain balanced nutrients, regulate intestinal microflora and support the immune system. [ more information ]

Accessories for the digestive system

We distribute supplements for the digestive system and good digestion. Digestive supplements support the growth of symbiotic microflora in the intestines and lower blood cholesterol levels. [ more information ]

Preparations for the locomotor system

We provide vitamin preparations for the movement system and healthy joints. Motion products provide optimal nutrition for joints and tendons, as well as nail and hair growth. We deliver tablets for the musculoskeletal system in the form of tablets. [ more information ]

Preparations for the support of the organism

We provide preparations to support the body, digestive tract and metabolism. Organic support products contain fiber, lactogenic microflora, vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts. [ more information ]

Drinking aids

We produce drinks in the form of a soluble powder. Drinks are enriched with minerals, vitamins and soluble fiber. [ more information ]

Weight loss products

We provide weight loss products without a jo-jo effect. Weight loss products not only actively fight fat storage but also prevent cellulite and reduce body fat only, not muscle mass. [ more information ]

Fiber powder

We deal with the production of fiber powder enriched with vitamin C and minerals. The fiber powder can be taken every day as a dietary supplement to a regular diet. [ more information ]

Vitamin C in tablets

We provide vitamin C in tablets with grape flavonoids. Vitamin C in the tablets does not contain gluten or sucrose. It is suitable for both diabetics and celiac disease. [ more information ]

Food supplements with collagen

We distribute food supplements with collagen to regenerate joints and slow down symptoms of arthritis. Food supplements with collagen positively affect the growth and construction of articular cartilage. [ more information ]

Preparations to support the central nervous system

We produce nervous system support products. It works favorably on brain activity and CNS and helps adjust blood cholesterol levels. The formulations are in tablets and contain, among others, amino acids, natural extracts and wine flavonoids. [ more information ]

An anti-aging agent

We produce a high-quality and powerful antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals in the body and thus slows the aging process of our organism. [ more information ]

Development and production of food supplements

We develop and manufacture food supplements in powder and tablets. We proceed according to the wishes of the client and the prepared documentation, we will take care of the necessary legislation for placing the products on the market. [ more information ]

Completing products from delivered blanks

Due to the free capacity on the tablet machine we are engaged in the assembly of products from delivered semi-finished products. It is a complete work from tablet counting, packaging insertion, labeling, sticking labels, wrapping, packing solutions.

Level Club with benefits

We allow our satisfied customers and partners to join the Level club. Members can purchase discount products and at the same time they can become consultants in the field of our products. We provide regular training, seminars and club events. [ more information ]