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Selling Leads

Collector of contactless carriers | ELVIS

Collector of contactless carriers

Contactless carrier collector that can work with clock-shaped chips, but with other commonly used media such as cards or pendants. ...
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Temperature screen | ELVIS

Temperature screen

Maximum reliability and simplicity are the main advantages of the ZOT01 temperature display. Thanks to these features, it is suitable ...
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Turnstile double full-pass | ELVIS

Turnstile double full-pass

Double TPP06D full-turn turnstile is permeable in both directions. Permeability up to 60 persons per minute. It is also possible ...
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Double turnstile TTB05D | ELVIS

Double turnstile TTB05D

TTB05D double-sided tripod turntable offers a wide range of uses both indoors and outdoors. The massive construction is resistant to ...
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Check-in turnstiles for ski lifts | ELVIS

Check-in turnstiles for ski lifts

Ideal choice for a reliable and robust check-in system in ski resorts. All-stainless three-way turnstile with durable, extreme temperature proof ...
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PayPark-TI city parking machine | ELVIS

PayPark-TI city parking machine

The PAYPARK-TI cash register is designed mainly for city parking. It tackles the effective collection of a parking fee. The ...
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Universal power supply and backup source | ELVIS

Universal power supply and backup source

The entire operation of the power supply is controlled by a single-chip microprocessor, the firmware of which ensures high reliability ...
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Arched and straight parking barriers | ELVIS

Arched and straight parking barriers

Safety barriers especially for parking systems, walls, machines, pillars, etc. Made of high-quality steel that guarantees long-term aesthetic appearance. Simple ...
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Tripod turnstile TTB07 | ELVIS

Tripod turnstile TTB07

The modern, stainless steel turnstile is a modern design. Also suitable for outdoor use. Various turnstile equipment: * Non-contact RFID ...
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