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Company Profile

Elvis - a guarantee of quality and honest Czech work.

For many years now, we have been developing sophisticated solutions for automatic clearance of people and vehicles in public areas. All our solutions are innovative and user-friendly. They facilitate payments and orientation, maximize security while lowering human labor requirements.

10 years ago, we launched a system with almost unlimited possibilities, which is also competitive on the world market. We create custom designs and customized softwares. We develop all our products and we constantly test them in our country and in practical applications at our customers.

Our identification and handling systems are suitable for use in SKI facilities, amusement parks, sports grounds, car parks, industrial sites and other public spaces.

In our offer you can find:

- turnstiles and check-in systems

- vending machines

- electronic attendance systems

- access systems for buildings

- electronic cash registers

- contactless cards, bracelets and other identification media.

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