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ELSA Consulting s.r.o. Products & services

Structural analysis of industrial structures

We are here for you to find the optimal solution for industrial design protection in extreme environments. We perform analyzes of statics of industrial constructions with professionalism, expertise and necessary qualifications. You can rely on us! [ more information ]

Analysis of fire resistance of structures

Our qualified specialists draw on not only their own experience but research on specific types of loads, structures or materials, the results of which are translated into practice. We analyze the fire resistance of industrial constructions. [ more information ]

Strength calculations of technological equipment

We perform strength calculations of technological equipment of power engineering, chemical and food industry and others specializing in silos, filters, reservoirs, pressure vessels and pipelines. We offer calculations according to drafts/standards.

Non-destructive measurement of material strengths

Our clients often require that we do not destroy the test technology, and therefore its parts, when measured. We fully respect the decisions of our customers and we will be happy to help you as well. Contact us.

Analysis of extreme load effects

We specialize in analyzing extreme load effects. Thanks to rich experience and expertise, we can understand the correct behavior of the design and propose optimal solutions. Protect your construction by analyzing the extreme effects of the loads.

Calculation of pressure resistance of the device

We design anti-explosive thanks to concrete information gathered from the calculation of a pressure resistance of the technological equipment. For counting of the resistance we are using method of final paricules, which consideres even details.

EX environment - Explosion-proof construction

Thanks to the complex knowledge of building, machinery, safety and chemical engineering, we approach complex structures and technologies designed for the EX environment. We will help you to protect structures that are at risk of explosion.

Documentation of explosion protection

We provide all documentation on explosion protection. We evaluate all initiation sources of the explosion, the hazards, flammable substances in the area under consideration. We develop protocols, studies and analyzes according to client requirements.

Constructions at fire-risk

In a case of fire people must be able to safely leave the space. In the case of fire the construction should be resistante to its effects and maintain its functions to protect human lifes. That is the most important thing.

Design of built fire structures

Our engineers will design in such a way that they take into account the different materials. Of course, each of them behaves in a different way. Where a fire is not sufficient for the construction itself, we propose appropriate fire protection.

Calculations and analyzes

We process expertise, which includes calculations using the finite element method. We carry out a number of expert calculations that are a supportive tool for further analyzes or can be used as a stand-alone assessment of the problem.

Calculations of residual life

We perform strength calculations of technological equipment of power engineering, chemical and food industry and others specializing in silos, filters, reservoirs, pressure vessels and pipelines. We offer calculations as drafts or standards.

Design of structures

We have a long-term design practice. We evaluate and design steel, reinforced concrete, brick and wooden structures. We pass the results in the form of static calculations, project and complete production documentation. Contact us.

Analysis of less usual loads and materials

We analyze all types of structures and materials requiring resistance to the effects of explosion, impact, overpressure, earthquake, technical seismicity, dynamic wind, vibrations and extreme temperatures. [ more information ]

Strengthening structures

Are you looking for suitable partners for building reinforcement? Contact us and our specialists will ensure quality reinforcement for your construction using both proven and innovative methods. We will achieve high-quality gains at affordable price.

Seismic response calculation

Even in Czech Republic we have to take into account the seismic activity. Whether it's earth crust activity or transport vibration. Perform a seismic response calculation and suggest modifications to reduce the effect on your design.

Reinforcement of structures using FRP fibers

We are here for you if you need to strenghten a construction with a help of FRP fibers. We will protect your construction and we will find an effective way to improve the resistance of the construction. While protecting we won't stop your work.

Project documentation of the current state

We have already met wrong project documentation many times, that is why we are ready to personally take care of measuring and noting demidges of the constructions. Complete results will be delivered as documents and drawings.

Destructive measurement material strength

Although this is a destructive measure of material strength, it is much more accurate than non-destructive measurement. This type of material strength measurement is performed on both conventional and ordinary materials.

Diagnostics of the structure

We are specialists on constructions and their diagnostics. Thanks to which we examine the current state of the construction and its surrowndings, we note defects, we will come up with a prognosis of the construction's behaviour. Get in touch.