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EKORA s.r.o.

Company Profile

EKORA s.r.o.

EKORA Ltd. specializes in exploration and monitoring, land revitalization, ecological burdens, environmental audits, risk analyzes and environmental expertise. We deal with the issues of waste management, water management, biowaste and air protection. We also focus on the environmental impact assessment of the project pursuant to Act No. 100/2001 Coll.

Monitoring and reconnaissance work

  • surface sampling, underground sampling, sampling of wastewater, sampling of soil, sampling of sediment, sludge, waste, sampling of soil air
  • laboratory analyzes of samples taken
  • drilling research
  • field trials
  • engineering and geological surveys
  • hydrogeological surveys, hydrochemical surveys and hydrodynamic tests

Remediation work and removal of environmental burdens

  • removing environmental burdens
  • remediation of contaminated structures, soils, sediments, underground and surface water and soil air
  • removal of contaminants

Revitalization and land reclamation

  • remediation and land reclamation
  • reclamation of polluted areas
  • biological reclamation
  • landscaping
  • reclamation of ponds

Environmental audits and environmental expertise

  • investment environmental audits
  • environmental risk analyzes
  • expert advice on landfill, water use, land use, surface and waste water monitoring, etc.

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Business Activity Specification

  • Business Service


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