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EKORA s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We specialize in exploration and monitoring work such as surface sampling, underground sampling, sampling of groundwater, sampling of soil samples, etc. We carry out the remediation of ecological burdens, environmental expert opinions and audits including risk analysis, hydrogeological and geological assessments, environmental impact assessments environment and flood control plans.

Products & services

We provide sampling and laboratory analysis of collected samples. We carry out surface sampling, underground sampling, groundwater sampling, soil and sediment samples, sampling of waste samples and soil air.

Remediation of environmental burdens
We carry out the remediation of environmental burdens and the removal of contamination. Remediation of ecological burdens - soil remediation, sediment remediation, remediation of underground and surface water, remediation of water pumping, etc.

Environmental expertise
We carry out environmental expert opinions and audits including risk analysis. In the framework of environmental expert opinions and audits, we process sales and investment environmental audits, compliance audits, etc.

Hydrogeological assessments
We process hydrogeological assessments for the design of water management structures. We carry out hydrogeological assessments, flood plans, water studies and feasibility studies, measurement of wastewater and surface water flow, etc.

Flood plans
We focus on the development of flood plans for cities, municipalities, industrial sites, etc. We develop flood plans, water flow measurement, feasibility studies for sewerage, etc.

Environmental impact assessment
We offer environmental impact assessment services including delivery of dispersion studies, noise studies, health risk assessments, biological assessments. Environmental impact assessments are delivered together with the EIA documentation.

Revitalization of the territory
We perform reclamation and revitalization of the area after the ecological burden. We provide remediation and reclamation of landfills, reclamation of dumps and ponds, rehabilitation and reclamation of veterinary sanitation facilities,

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