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EKOMOR, s. r. o.

Basic Introduction

Supplier of equipment for surface treatment and industrial waste water treatment. We provide complete delivery of these supplies (i.e. as turnkey project), starting from project works, manufacturing of equipment to assembling and commissioning of equipment.

Products & services

Hot dip galvanizing lines
Hot dip galvanizing lines allows galvanizing of pieces (e.g. steel structures, tubes) and continual hot dip galvainizing (e.g. strip, wire etc.).

Equipment for waste water treatment
Equipment for waste water treatment (e.g. neutralization unit etc.) is intended for cleaning of industrial waste water arirising in different technological processes.

Pickling lines
Pickling lines for pickling of carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous materials and special materials (e.g. titan etc.).

Equipment for cleaning of waste industrial gases
Complete solution of exhausting and cleaning of waste gas from various technological processes. - Plastic fans - Scrubbers (absorbers) - Drop separators - Exhausting piping

Manufacturing of equipment from plastic and steel
Storage tanks, pipings, steel structure etc.

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