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Selling Leads
DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Bercode Scanner Datalogic Heron HD3100 | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Bercode Scanner Datalogic Heron HD3100

Heron HD3100 linear imager is equipped with advanced technology and delivers an unique style to the modern point of sale. ...
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Compact sensors Datalogic S62 | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Compact sensors Datalogic S62

Datalogic's S62 optoelectronic compact sensors provide great performance with full range and standardization of the same mechanical properties for all ...
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Rugged Scanner Zebra DS3608-HP/DS3678-HP | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Rugged Scanner Zebra DS3608-HP/DS3678-HP

Zebra DS3608-HP/DS3678-HP ultra-rugged and flexible reader perfectly captures 1D and 2D codes, photographs, signatures, OCR data and documents with complete ...
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Consumables - all for barcodes | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Consumables - all for barcodes

Our sortiment of quality consumables includes: * Labels - adhesive labels of various sizes and colors * Ribbons - thermal transfer ribbons ...
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Label Printer Intermec PD42 | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Label Printer Intermec PD42

Intermec PD42 middle class label printer belongs among the smartest bar code printer family on the market. Both PD41 and ...
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Zebra LS2208 Bar Code Scanner | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Zebra LS2208 Bar Code Scanner

Zebra LS2208 handheld scanner offers high performance scanning at a moderate price point. From the retail point-of-sale and backroom to ...
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Datalogic CBX500 Connectivity Device | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Datalogic CBX500 Connectivity Device

The CBX500 connectivity device has been designed to simplify and speed-up cabling operations during the installation of Datalogic devices. The ...
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Barcode Scanners from Datalogic | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Barcode Scanners from Datalogic

Products by Datalogic, a leader in bar code scanners, are suitable for use in many industries - from retail, supply ...
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Honeywell Mobile Computer ScanPal EDA70 | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Honeywell Mobile Computer ScanPal EDA70

Honeywell’s ScanPal EDA70 rugged, enterprise-class 7" tablet computer provides real-time connectivity, fast data capture capabilities and enterprise levels of reliability ...
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Zebra ZD500R Desktop Label Printer | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Zebra ZD500R Desktop Label Printer

The compact ZD500R label printer enables simple, one-touch printing and encoding, straightforward loading, and automatic RFID calibration, making it a ...
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