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Datalogic TL46 Contrast Sensors | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Datalogic TL46 Contrast SensorsSelling Lead

Datalogic TL46 Contrast Sensors with RGB LEDs are available in 4 versions. Basic version TL46-W, standard TL46-WL and TL46-WLF with a four-digit display and the most advanced features like a 30 kHz switching frequency. The sensors enable automatic, manual and dynamic settings. The dimensions are 31 x 81 x 58 mm and protection class IP67. These contrast sensors are suitable for packaging, labeling or printing machines, especially in the food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries. Contact us!

Detailed information: Datalogic-TL46-Contrast-Sensors
Valid from: Apr 12, 2021 Validity till: Apr 12, 2022


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