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Selling Leads
DATASCAN, s.r.o.
Datalogic LaneHawk LH5000 Fixed Scanner | DATASCAN, s.r.o.

Datalogic LaneHawk LH5000 Fixed ScannerSelling Lead

The LaneHawk LH5000 camera turns bottom-of-basket shrink into profits in real-time. It recognizes items as part of the transaction and makes sure stores get paid for the BOB items. The unit uses advanced Visual Pattern Recognition
(ViPR™) software to detect the BOB items and sends the information directly to the POS so that the cashier can verify these items and finalize the transaction. The LaneHawk system is rugged for demanding retail checkout environment. Contact our sales department.

Valid from: Mar 17, 2020 Validity till: Mar 17, 2021


David Vorel
Phone Number: +420 545 215 558