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DARTECH, s.r.o.

Products & services

Industrial automation
We specialize in industrial automation, especially PLC programming. We provide industrial automation services in the field of engineering, food and heavy industry.

Development of control systems for PLC Siemens
We deal with process visualization (HMI + SCADA), deployment and administration of superstructure systems, implementation of industrial networks PROFIBUS, PROFINET, RS232 or virtualisation of stations.

Development of Control Systems
We deal with the development of control systems, programmable LOGO relays according to your requirements. Contact us for complete information.

Development of MS - systems of machines S7 - 200
We focus on the development of control systems for S7 - 200 small machine small systems. We offer technology solutions for small machines, more complex equipment or parts of technologies.

Development of SW - project systems S7-300, S7-400
We develop control systems S7 - 300 and S7 - 400 for medium and demanding automation tasks. The S7 - 300 and S7 - 400 project systems are suitable for use in various industries.

Development of automation of technologies
Our specialization is the development of control systems for automation of production technologies. We supply control systems primarily for conveyor systems, automated warehouses, weighing systems, brewing systems, process washing.

Development of Siemens visualization software
We specialize in the development of visualization software on Siemens operator panels. The area of ​​visualization software is constantly evolving and we are trying to bring new solutions.

Control system for the chemical industry
We supply control systems specifically designed for the chemical industry. We also set up and modify control systems for the chemical industry.

Control system for the beverage industry
We offer control systems for the beverage industry, making production technology simple and intuitive. The beverage industry control system is tailored to your individual needs.

Repairs of industrial automation parts
We carry out repairs of industrial automation parts completely custom-made. We will supply spare parts for industrial automation and put the system into full functionality.

Design of switchboards
We are engaged in custom design of switchboards. We design the switchboard design for a variety of simple, medium and demanding systems.

Industrial PROFIBUS communication network
We specialize in the development and delivery of the PROFIBUS industrial communications network. We are also engaged in diagnostics of PROFIBUS industrial network for reliable troubleshooting.

PLC programming
We provide PLC programming to various industries. In PLC programming we offer the development of control systems, process visualization, deployment and administration of superstructure systems, etc.

Diagnostics of industrial networks
We provide industrial network diagnostics to reliably detect the cause of system failure. We check the functionality of the software, but also the use of cable types, the installation of data cables, or the functionality of connectors.

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