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Metravolt - Dagmar Roztočilová

Company Profile

Metravolt - Dagmar Roztočilová

We sell, repair and service all measuring instruments and technologies for various purposes in industry.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of measuring instruments from renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers.

We provide calibration of devices according to valid standards . We perform calibration of instruments for measuring loop impedance and current protectors, inspection devices, multimeters, devices for measuring of insulating states, meters for earth resistance, luxmeters, high voltage sources, cable length measuring instruments, oscilloscopes, generators, counters, RLC converters etc.

In our assortment you will find:

  • Testers
  • Digital and non-contact multimeters
  • Impedance meters, single-purpose gauges
  • Ground resistance measuring equipment
  • Devices for measuring transient resistances
  • Industrial thermometers, analyzers, wattmeters
  • Pyrometers, hygrometers, tachometers
  • Industrial Thermocouples
  • Laboratory sources
  • Testers with voltage
  • RLC converters
  • Miliohmmeters, millivoltmeters, oscilloscopes

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Business Activity Specification

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Business Service


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