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Metravolt - Dagmar Roztočilová

Basic Introduction

We are a supplier of a wide range of measuring instruments and technology. We provide service, repair of measuring instruments, as well as well instrument calibration in an accredited laboratory in accordance with applicable standards. Our product range tester, testers, multimeters, meters, industrial thermometers, analyzers, power meters, speedometers, laboratory resources, control instruments.

Products & services

Testers testers
We supply testers and testers for electrical measurements. We clamp testers, two-pole voltage testers, contactless testers, electronic testers, testers with open tongs, detectors, phase sequence, etc.

Service measuring instruments
We provide customer service of all measuring instruments.

Calibrating the equipment
We perform calibration of instruments in an accredited laboratory. We provide calibration devices such as inspection equipment, multimeters, luxmeters, high voltage power supplies, generators, instruments for measuring cables and much more.

Insulation resistance meter
We provide insulation resistance meter equipped with a large display and user-friendly. All technical information and specifications meters of insulation resistance can be found on our website.

Measurement of earth resistance
We supply equipment for the measurement of earth resistance. You will find testers and territorial earthing systems, earth probes, test modules, meters of earth and insulation resistance and others.

We offer the facility for resistances including calibration. Resistances are available in various versions. More can be found on our website.

Equipment for inspection of appliances and tools
We focus on devices for inspection of appliances and tools, including calibration function. Equipment for inspection of appliances and tools offered in different versions: inspection of electrical and medical devices, three-phase adapters

Power Meters and Analyzers
We specialize in the supply of meters available, and analyzers for measuring various performance. In our assortment are available clamp meters and power meters, power analyzers, three-phase power meters, power quality analyzers, power analyzers, etc.

Industrial Thermometers
We specialize in the supply of industrial thermometers with clear digital display. Industrial digital thermometers can detect a wide range of low and high temperatures in various industries.

We provide pyrometers for noncontact temperature measurement. Pyrometers are highly resistant to water, dust and falling from a height of 3 meters. User friendly environment provides a clear graphic display.

Thermal imagers
We supply a thermal imager with a measuring range from -20 ° C to + 280 ° C. Industrial thermal imagers are an effective tool in rapid and accurate diagnosis of equipment failures.

We hygrometer for sensing humidity and temperature. Digital hygrometers can record very low and very high temperatures. Resistant to mechanical damage.

Detectors and timers
We supply seekers, timers, general-purpose detectors and separators cables for electrical work.

Laboratory power supplies
We specialize in the supply of laboratory resources for scanning various voltages. For convenient use of laboratory resources are equipped with a large LCD display.

Testers applied voltage
We obtain a withstand voltage tester with optical and acoustic signals. Testers applied voltage allow you to set the measurement time according to specific requirements worker.

RLC meter
Our focus is on sale RLC meters with a clear and clear display. RLC timers allow you to scan devices according to different test frequencies.

Our offer also milliohmmeter or millivoltmeters. Complete technical information can be found on our website.

Digital Multimeters
We supply digital multimeter with non-contact voltage detector. Digital Multimeters have available in various versions. The complete offer can be found on our website.

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