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Metravolt - Dagmar Roztočilová

Basic Introduction

We are a supplier of a wide range of measuring instruments and technologies. We provide servicing, repair and calibration of measuring instruments in an accredited laboratory according to valid standards. Our range includes testers, multimeters, meters, industrial thermometers, analyzers, wattmeters, pyrometers, hygrometers, tachometers, laboratory sources, RLC converters, inspection devices.

Products & services

We supply testers for electrical installation measurements. We offer punch tester, two-pole voltage testers, contactless testers, electronic testers, open pliers, phase sequence detectors, etc.

Service of measuring instruments
We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all measuring instruments.

Accredited instrument calibration
We perform accredited calibration of instruments in a laboratory environment. We provide accredited calibration of instruments such as inspection instruments, multimeters, luxmeters, high voltage sources, oscilloscopes, generators, cable meters, etc.

Single-purpose gauges, impedance, protectors
In our offer you can also find single-purpose gauges, measurement of impedance of protective loop and short-circuit current with calibration, current protector meters, current protector testers, fault loop impedance meters, etc.

Insulation resistance meters
We provide insulated resistance meters equipped with a large and user-friendly display. All technical information and specification of insulation resistance meters can be found on our website.

Measurement of earth resistance
We supply equipment for the measurement of earth resistance. You will find testers and territorial earthing systems, earth probes, test modules, meters of earth and insulation resistance and others.

Transient resistors
We offer equipment for transient resistors including calibration. We offer crossover resistors in a variety of variants. More on our website.

Equipment for inspection of appliances and tools
We are focusing on appliances, including the calibration function. We offer equipment for inspection of appliances and tools in various versions: inspection of electrical and medical devices, clamp measuring transformers, three-phase adapters.

Wattmeters and analyzers
We specialize in the supply of wattmeters and analyzers for measuring different power. In our assortment are available clamp multimeters and wattmeters, power analyzers, three-phase wattmeters, energy quality analyzers, power analyzers, etc.

Industrial thermometers
We focus on delivering industrial thermometers with a clear digital display. Industrial digital thermometers can capture a wide range of low and high temperatures in various industries.

We provide pyrometers for noncontact temperature measurement. Pyrometers are highly resistant to water, dust and falling from a height of 3 meters. User friendly environment provides a clear graphic display.

Industrial thermocouples
We deliver industrial thermal cameras with a measuring range from -20°C to + 280°C. Industrial thermocouples are an effective tool for quickly and accurately diagnosing equipment failures.

We offer hygrometers for humidity and air temperature sensing. Digital hygrometers can record very low and very high temperatures. Resistant to mechanical damage.

We provide tachometers for circumferential speed measurement. Tachometers are equipped with laser and touchless technology.

Testers and meters
We are engaged in the supply of detectors, meters, universal detectors and cable separators for wiring work. The complete offer and specifications of all of our cable finders are available on our website.

Laboratory sources
We specialize in supplying laboratory sources for sensing different voltage values. For convenient use, laboratory power supplies are equipped with a clear LCD display.

Testers with applied voltage
We provide voltage testers with optical and acoustic signaling. The voltage testers allow you to set the measurement time according to the specific requirements of the worker.

RLC meters
We focus on selling RLC meters with a clear and well-visible display. RLC meters allow you to scan the device at different test frequencies.

Part of our offer includes millimmometers or milivolt meters. Complete technical information can be found on our website.

Digital multimeters
We are supplying digital multimeters with non-contact voltage detector. Digital multimeters are available in various designs. You can find a complete offer on our website.

Selling Leads

Electrical installation testers

Electrical installation testers

We offer multifunctional security testers for electrical installations for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Electrical installation testers meet all required standards including EN 61557 and VDE 0413. Thanks to the ...

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We deal with the sale of reliable GOODWILL counters for accurate frequency and period measurement. The measurement range ranges from 1Hz to 120MHz. Counters are equipped with large LED display ...

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Digital LCR meters

Digital LCR meters

We offer reliable digital LCR meters with automatic test choice. LCR meters have a dual display with a count of up to 20,000/2,000. Frequency of LCR meters is 100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz. LCR ...

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