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Our renovated farmhouse in Old Kolín offers traditional and pleasant spaces suitable for various corporate and social events, family celebrations or weddings. We will provide accommodation, all equipment, catering and staff. In our area you can also find a riding hall, beautiful surroundings or a mini Zoo with the possibility of caressing and feeding animals. We also organize trips for schools.

Products & services

Corporate parties on a turnkey basis | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Corporate parties on a turnkey basis

We organize business parties in a relaxing rural farmhouse in Old Kolín. The company parties in our farm provide an informal atmosphere and a pleasant environment of beautiful nature near the River Elbe. We offer space, accommodation and staff.

Company events with a pork feast | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Company events with a pork feast

We offer unique corporate events with a pork feast in a rural farmhouse in the beautiful Old Kolín surroundings. At a corporate event with a pork feast, your staff can enjoy black soup, ovary, jarnitsi, jellies, presses and ribbons.

Christmas parties for companies | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Christmas parties for companies

Christmas parties for businesses may not necessarily be held in non-personal spaces. Our country estate is an ideal alternative for holding Christmas parties for companies with a pleasant, informal and relaxing atmosphere.

Weddings in nature | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Weddings in nature

We are able to organize weddings in nature in the traditional and romantic premises of the renovated farmhouse. Weddings in nature can be held in the open air or in the interiors of our farm. We provide accommodation, catering and decorations.

Corporate teambuildings | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Corporate teambuildings

Corporate teambuilding in nature on a farm will not only strengthen your work team but also recharge the missing energy. There is pleasant accommodation, a traditional tavern, a riding hall, mini zoo and beautiful nature near the River Elbe.

Facilities for corporate training and events | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Facilities for corporate training and events

We provide lease of a renovated farmhouse as an unusual place for corporate trainings and events. You can rent a whole farm area, including a pub, and no one will disturb you. Of course, our nice staff will be available to you.

Selling Leads

Corporate events with a pork feast Kolín | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Corporate events with a pork feast Kolín

We will provide you, your employees and business partners with excellent corporate events with a pork feast. A beautiful environment, plenty of quality and especially tasty food, plus the possibility of sports activities for those who watch a slender line. All this and much more you will find only in our farm. Corporate events with the pork feast are very popular with our clients and many of them return to us regularly. Come and enjoy the cool time with us. [more information]

Corporate teambuilding with bbq Kolín | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Corporate teambuilding with bbq Kolín

Do you want to awaken the team spirit of your employees? Then come to corporate teambuilding with barbecue. In our farm you will strengthen relationships, refresh the atmosphere and boost motivation. Corporate teambuilding with barbecue cleans the workplace, improves communication and, in particular, manufactures teamwork and builds a perfect team. Contact us, we will provide you with a program that your employees will never forget! [more information]

Farm accommodation | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Farm accommodation

Chill, relax, beautiful nature, the proximity of animals, plenty of leisure activities and excellent traditional cuisine, so is our idea of ​​a farm accommodation. The Old Kolín Farm is the perfect place to stop on your way through life. You get to a place that will change your view of life, it will energize you and help you regenerate in all aspects. Contact us for more information. We are looking forward to seeing you at the farm! [more information]

Riding stables at the Old Kolín Farm | CONTRADICTION s.r.o.

Riding stables at the Old Kolín Farm

Have you always wanted to look at the world from a horse's back? Does your daughter have been bagging for a ride forever? Fulfilled dream is sometimes much more than all the gifts of the world. Old Kolín Riding School offers lessons on good and tested horses. And when you learn to sit in the saddle, then you can go for a longer ride. The Old Kolín Riding School is ready for you. We are looking forward to you! [more information]