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Becker Bohemia s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We offer collection of municipal and hazardous waste, collection of separated waste, delivery of bulk and press containers, mechanical cleaning of roads and shredding of documents. We run collection yards for municipalities and towns. We are dedicated to the elaboration of projects and studies for waste management. Our plants are located in towns Kralovice and Dýšina u Plzně.

Products & services

Collection of municipal waste
We provide municipal waste collection for municipalities, citizens, tradesmen and companies. Collection of municipal waste is carried out by modern collection technology.

Containers for waste disposal
We have a large number of containers and waste containers for waste collection. There are 25,000 waste containers, 5,000 containers, 2,800 Igls, 150 bulk containers.

Collection of municipal waste
We ensure the collection of municipal waste at intervals according to the customer's needs. As part of the municipal waste collection, we discharge the 110 liter, 120 liters, 240 liters, 360 liters, and 1,100 liters of waste containers.

Transport of hazardous waste
We offer a disposal of hazardous waste in households and municipalities. We collect batteries, mono-cells, used oils, filters, discarded drugs and re-collection devices such as televisions, radios, fridges, etc.

Container delivery
We provide a container of 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 30 and 40 m3 capacity. We carry out delivery of a container for removing soil, building rubble, stones, wood waste, tires and building materials.

Machine roads cleaning
We devote ourselves to mechanical roads and industrial areas cleaning. We provide mechanical cleaning of roads through professional MERCEDES or LIAZ vehicles with the SCHÖRLING superstructure.

Liquidation of black dumps
We provide disposal of black dumps, land reclamation and contaminated soil removal. We have modern collection equipment available for disposal of black dumps and we transport the wastes according to the ADR.

Collection yard Pilsen
We run collection yards for municipalities and towns. The collection yard accepts and processes various types of waste: building sutures, electrical appliances, tires, medicines, batteries, etc.

Separated collection of waste
We are dealing with separate collection of municipal waste such as glass, paper, plastic, but also bio-waste and tetrapack packaging. For separate collection, we have waste containers with a bottom dump or top lid.

Sweeping wagons
We have sweeping wagons for cleaning and maintenance of roads and areas. Mechanical communication is provided by means of MERCEDES or LIAZ sweepers with a SCHÖRLING superstructure.

Pressing containers
We offer press containers of 10 and 20 m3 capacity. Pressing containers are particularly suitable for transport of large amounts of municipal waste, plastics, paper, foil, etc.

Container collection of waste
We provide container collection of waste for citizens, municipalities, companies and industrial sites. Container collection of waste is provided by means of large volume containers of 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 30 and 40 m3.

Bio-waste transport Pilsen
We are devoting ourselves to the collection of biowaste, which is further processed in our own composting plant. We provide the collection of biowaste from gardens, maintenance of greenery, from households and companies.

Removal of bulk waste
We focus on removing bulk waste and raw materials. As part of the removal of bulk waste, we transport soil, building rubble, stones, wooden windows, tires and building materials such as sands, concrete and gravel.

Removal of contaminated soil
We provide contaminated soil removal services for disposal of black dumps and reclamation of contaminated sites. Removing contaminated soil is carried by bulk containers and modern collection technology.

Delivery of pressing containers
We offer a supply of pressing containers mainly for industrial sites. Pressing containers are available with a volume of 10 and 20 m3.

Sorting of separated waste
We specialize in sorting separated waste on our own sorting line. Separation of sorted waste is mainly done with usable components such as paper, plastics and tetrapack packaging.

Operation of collection yards
We are engaged in the operation of collection yards for municipalities and towns. The collecting yards are mainly used for the storage of bulky waste, building bins, used oils, electrical appliances, refrigerators, freezers, medicines and batteries.

Shredding documents
We offer shredding of documents for companies, municipalities, municipal authorities, banks etc. The result of the shredding of documents is paper particles meeting the 3rd level of classification. We also provide the removal of scraped paper.

Wood chipping
We provide wood chipping and wood waste disposal. Chopped wood can be used for damping expositions or ecological heating.

Selling Leads

Press waste containers

Press waste containers

We offer delivery of 10 and 20 m3 waste containers. Press waste containers are especially suitable for the processing and transport of large amounts of municipal waste, paper, plastics, foils, ...

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Mechanical sweeping of communications

Mechanical sweeping of communications

We provide mechanical communications sweeping for towns, municipalities and industrial sites. We have a MERCEDES or LIAZ sweeper with a SCHÖRLING body. We carry out the mechanical communication in time ...

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Removal of building rubble

Removal of building rubble

We devote ourselves to the removal of building rubble and materials, earth, stones, bulk waste, tires etc. We dispose modern trucks for the transport of large-scale waste: hook-type container vehicles ...

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