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Bech-Akku-Power baterie s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We offer development, manufacture and sale of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion accumulators, battery chargers, mounting lamps and various electronic modules. We perform professional repairs of accumulators.

Products & services

We provide the development, manufacture and sale of accumulators. We offer batteries for hand tools, lamps, chargers and much more.

Manufacture of chargers
We specialize in the production of chargers. We provide charger production for charging high quality Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion batteries.

Analyzer A36
We offer A36 analyzer. The A36 analyzer serves for testing and analyzing Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion and Pb-lead accumulators.

Adapters for chargers
We produce quality adapters for chargers. Adapters for chargers - we offer AEG, MILWAUKEE, DEWALT, ELU, METABO, FEIN, MAKITA, PANASONIC, and LA-UNI-03 universal adapter for charging and discharging batteries.

We supply lamps for operation with rechargeable batteries. We offer hand held and stand lamps for all types of accumulators.

We deal with the development, manufacture and sale of mains-connectors. The mains connectors serve as a switched voltage source and replace the battery wherever it is possible to connect to the mains.

Batteries repair
We are dealing with recharging of batteries. When replacing batteries, we change all the articles, leaving only the packaging.

Battery testers
We produce quality battery testers. We offer the A36 Analyzer from the battery tester to give you accurate information about the battery being tested.

Protective circuits
We specialize in the development of protective circuits. Protective circuits are produced for the highest quality batteries.

Switched resources
We deal with the development and production of switching sources. The switched power sources we produce are designed for driving a handheld power tool with a power output up to 400 W.

Selling Leads

Repairs and service of accumulators

Repairs and service of accumulators

We carry out repairs and service of accumulators completely custom-made. We modify all cells as part of repairing and recharging batteries, and we can guarantee any required capacity for each ...

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Fluorescent lamp for battery

Fluorescent lamp for battery

We provide high quality fluorescent lamps for the device. Fluorescent lamps are compatible with many battery models. Technical parameters: * 7.2 V - 14.4V * Fluorescent lamp 7 Watt * ...

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Hand-held and stand lamps

Hand-held and stand lamps

We specialize in the production and development of hand-held and stand-up lamps. All hand and stand lamps are compatible with rechargeable batteries. Handheld and stand lamps can be used together ...

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