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BAŽANT STANISLAV - oleje a maziva

Basic Introduction

We provide supplies industrial lubricants, oils, car care products, car accessories and spare parts on the car - motorcycle. Complete range of products can be found on our website.

Products & services

Sell ​​oil for cars, trucks and commercial vehicles and heavy machinery - motor, transmission, cutting, hydraulic, bearing.

We offer a versatile lubricants, industrial, high temperature, special food and vaseline.

We supply water soluble degreasers, fuels, cleaning fluids. We produce degreaser according to your requirement.

Ingredients, additives
Our product range includes additives to oils, additives for gasoline additives to diesel fuel, additives for coolers etc.

Car care products
You can choose from a wide range of car care products for the maintenance of paintwork, body, roof, glass, plastic, chrome parts, rubber parts, engine and interior.

How to reach us

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