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We sell traditional Hungarian specialties. You can find famous sausages from Hungary or southern Slovakia, traditional dishes for the gourmet experience, of course not to miss the spice mixture and the famous hot pepper. And to ensure that the menu of traditional dishes is complete, we will supply enameled or stainless steel kettles and genuine wooden trays for serving.

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Hungarian specialties

We import genuine Hungarian specialties, which have fallen in love with a few muddy tongues and whose fame has long surpassed national borders and tastes. Hungarian specialties are the perfect combination of special ingredients and spices. [ more information ]

Quality sausages from Hungary

We offer quality sausages from Hungary. If you have not tasted sausages, bacon, hot and cold, or high-quality sausages from mangal, you have not yet known gourmet skies. [ more information ]

Real Hungarian smoked bacon

Real Hungarian smoked bacon is a legacy of generations to be passed on. The exact ratio of spices, careful cold smoke using only carefully selected wood, is a true Hungarian delicacy. [ more information ]

Perfect Hungarian sausages

We offer a storm of beautifully spiced taste in the form of perfect smoked Hungarian sausage. The technology of processing Hungarian sausages is a strictly guarded secret, but the result is a world-renowned product in homes and restaurants. [ more information ]

Enamelled kettles

The traditional dish also requires traditional preparation and therefore our offer must not miss enamel pots of up to 50 l. Enamelled pots are a great helper for cooking on an open fire. Enjoy the right Hungarian cuisine with everything! [ more information ]

Stainless steel kettles

We offer the possibility of cooking on open fire in stainless steel kettles in volumes from 6l to 20l. Stainless steel kettles from our offer will make you happy for years. Choose carefully, think about the number of boarders when you order the size. [ more information ]

Spice for the preparation of Hungarian specialties

We offer special spices for the preparation of Hungarian specialties. Hungarian cuisine requires special spices, and that it's not always just a variation of hot and hot pepper, which illustrates our diverse offer. [ more information ]

Real Hungarian palms

In our offer we can not miss even genuine Hungarian palm trees. When the taste of quality vegetables combines with sweet or sour boiling, nothing else can arise than the perfect accompaniment of traditional Hungarian cuisine. [ more information ]

Wooden alder trays

We offer wooden alder trays. Part of the gourmet enjoyment is the dining culture and therefore our offer can not miss the wooden alder trays for a perfect gourmet experience. [ more information ]

FATÁNYEROS - a true Hungarian experience

FATÁNYEROS, this is an element that you must not miss for a perfect feeling of Hungarian cuisine. By placing a meal at FATÁNYEROS, a wooden plate, a real Hungarian experience awaits you. [ more information ]

Brutars for cooking outdoors

Take a look at our menu and choose a baker of the required volume to prepare meals in nature. And it's best to be out there when you find that you have purchased a smaller volume than you need now. [ more information ]

Stands for kettles, tripods

n our offer you will find booth stands, tripods, or tripods for pleasantly spent moments while cooking outdoors. In our offer you can find stoves for kettles and tripods in several sizes. [ more information ]

Fireplace for kettles on legs

We also supply a fireplace to the boiler on the feet. High-quality material, a stable product, and a dependable supplier, a combination that makes the purchase of a fireplace to the boiler on the feet a positive result. [ more information ]

Quality Hungarian pepper

Hungarian cuisine requires spice, without which it certainly would not. Take a look at our menu and choose from the taste of fine, even hot quality Hungarian peppers. Quality Hungarian pepper is the basis of traditional Hungarian cuisine. [ more information ]

Paprika cream

Do you like a loose pepper mix? No matter, you can also find a unique product of Hungarian cuisine - a pepper cream. The pepper cream is delicately crumbled in the food and thoroughly blends with the whole meal prepared. [ more information ]

Fasirt - spice for minced meat

We offer Fasirt - a wonderful spice for minced meat. Spice is never enough and therefore our offer is not satisfied with just a few kinds, but it attracts spicy minced meat with Fasirt spices. [ more information ]

Garlic spice mixture

That it would not be garlic without it? Try the garlic spice blend from our menu. The garlic spice blends the food with bacon, softens and gently melts. Check out our menu and choose according to your taste. [ more information ]

Sausages from mangal

We will arrange sausages from mangal. Mangalic breeding is widespread not only in Hungary but also in Austria or Slovakia. Try this traditional delicacy, try sausages from mangal. [ more information ]

Pickled vegetables - a traditional supplement

Delikatesa in Hungarian style, it is pickled vegetables in many forms. This traditional Hungarian supplement easily complements not only meat dishes. Try the pickled vegetables from our menu and definitely will not miss a gentle taste. [ more information ]

Triple serving tray - alder

A triple serving tray made of alder is available in ears and ear-free versions. You will also find a double serving tray. Take a look at our website and choose your best. [ more information ]


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We cook in kettles

Summer grilling has become a tradition in families, in corporate celebrations, but also in weddings, but also for pleasure. But does not it tire you anymore? How about changing the ...
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Stainless kettles for outdoor cooking

Even if the traditional Hungarian goulash is the best cooked in the kettle, we were thinking in our offer. You will find quality stainless steel kettles that will definitely last ...
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Enamelled pots up to 50l

In our offer you will find not only Hungarian specialties, but also the necessary ingredients and quality enamel pots for the preparation of Hungarian dishes in nature, in several sizes. ...
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