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Autolaky Hrubý s.r.o. Products & services

Car paint

We are selling car paints. Car paints - we offer toning (post-mixing) of special colors upon customer request.

Car paints mixing

We perform car paint mixing. We offer car paint mixing of your design, we can also put the car paint into a spray.

Spray mixing

We offer spray mixing and filling. We perform spray mixing on a request and we also sell finished sprays.

Cement sales

We are specializing on cement sales. We offer cements from these manufacturers - BKP, DINITROL, TROTON, RANAL, NOVOL.

Mixing of industrial paints

We provide mixing of industrial paints. We mix polyurethane, alkyd, unbased two-component and one-component, epoxy and other paints, from these brands: MULTIMIX, MULTIMASTER, ALCEA, SELEMIX.

Mixing of moto shades

We are engaged in mixing of motocycles paints. To our costumers, we offer a mix of various moto shades, including the historical ones, such as JAWA, ČEZETA.

Spray filling

We are focusing on filling sprays made for car painting works. We offer spray filling from these manufacturers: COLORMATIC, MOTIP, EUROSPRAY etc.

Accessories for auto painters

We are selling accessories for auto painters of reputable manufacturers. In the range of accessories for auto painters can be found, for example, abrasives and polishing abrasives, masking tape and much more.

Sales of spray guns

We offer spray guns sales including all of the accessories. In our offer you can find spray guns from verified brands such as SATA, STAR, PROFESSIONAL, SPEEDWAY etc.

Car paint sales - Brno

We are specialized in car paint sales. We provide pre-mixed car paints - two-compartments mixed paints, mixed metalic paints including thinner and mixed sprays. You can find our current offer on our website.