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AREA group s.r.o.

Products & services

Tailored architectural solutions
We design tailored architectural solutions for private investors, businesses and developers. Tailored architectural solutions include development of regulatory and spatial plans, spatial and urban studies, feasibility studies, and 3D visualization.

Design activity
We are engaged in designing the implementation of the proposed architectural solution. We cooperate with the architect, the construction office and the implementation firm as part of our design activities.

Developer activity
We perform development activities for commercial and residential buildings. As part of our development activities, we will find suitable areas for you, we will ensure the financing of the project as well as complete urban and architectural solution.

We offer complete services to the engineer in both the preparatory and the implementation phases. We provide engineering from the preparation of documentation to the technical supervision of the investor and the completion of building approval.

Investment construction
We are engaged in investment construction from project to implementation. In the area of ​​investment construction we have experience not only with complete designs of new realizations, but also with revitalization of older and historical buildings.

Architectural and urban studies
We process architectural and urban studies for residential and commercial development. Architectural and urban studies address the realization in relation to the surroundings and its placement in the landscape.

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