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ARDO KERAMIKA, spol. s r.o.

Products & services

Modern turnkey fireplaces
We implement modern fireplaces on a turnkey basis. We import modern quality fireplaces of the Swiss manufacturer Rüegg. We deliver them in a simple and timeless design that creates a cozy and luxurious living space for every interior.

Designer fireplaces
We import high-quality and design fireplaces from Switzerland on the Czech market. Designer fireplaces provided by us carry the elements of cutting-edge modern design and quality processing of fireplace materials for safe handling and maintenance.

Garden fireplaces
We supply Attica's exclusive and designer garden fireplaces. Garden fireplaces perform the function of a thermal body, but at the same time it is one of the largest ornaments in the garden. We offer different designs and sizes of garden fireplaces.

Turnkey tiled stove
We can supply and assemble a tiled stove directly at your home. Tile stoves are made of high-quality ceramic stoves, which, due to their heating properties, are warm and enjoyable and have little consumption of heating material.

Quality fireplace inserts
We offer the sale of quality fireplace inserts in modern Swiss designs. Quality fireplace inserts are provided in three design lines by the leading Rüegg manufacturer. We are also selling quality fireplace inserts for low energy houses.

Luxury fireplace stove
We provide a luxury fireplace stove manufactured by Attika for the Czech market. Fireplace stoves are delivered in modern design and from different materials. We also offer a luxury fireplace stove with large windows for maximum fireplace experience.

Stove inserts
We are engaged in the sale of iron castings in cast iron version. We offer iron stove inserts in different sizes and we are able to supply them with other accessories: Water Heat Exchangers, Cast Iron Exchanger, Classical Chamotte Pumps, etc.

Ceramic tiles
We provide import of luxury ceramic tiles from Switzerland. Swiss ceramic stoves are made using state-of-the-art technology and traditional handmade work. This creates the highest quality ceramic tiles.

Tiled stoves
We specialize in the sale of original tiled stoves that carry elements of a kitchen stove, a grill and a fireplace in one. High-quality tile stoves can also be delivered in a modern version with a glass ceramic plate.

Design and construction of fireplaces
We deal with the design and construction of custom fireplaces. We will advise you on the choice of material. Besides designing and building fireplaces, we also have experience with the implementation of tile stoves and stoves.

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