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AKUS, s.r.o.

AKUS, s.r.o.

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Accounting Services

We offer financial services. Our range of internal and external accounting services including the preparation of an application for registration to the tax office focus primarily on small and medium businesses.

Payroll Processing

Process payroll. Payroll processing involves the monthly calculation of net wages, statutory payments, annual settlement advances payroll tax employees, communication with authorities, calculating the statutory employer insurance, and more.

Investing in physical gold and silver

We are investing in physical gold and silver. Investment in physical Au and Ag are medium to long-term nature. Precious metals are history screening store of value. Au and Ag are property of a hedging instrument for the period of financial crisis.

Financial Supervision

We specialize in accounting supervision. Financial expert supervision ensures continuous control over the accuracy of bookkeeping throughout the reporting period.

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