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Basic Introduction

Rubberizing wheels and rollers by black, light and foam rubber with different hardness and grinded surface. Development and production of building bladders for tire production. Moulding of rubber products in the press vulcanizer 800x800.

Products & services

Rubberizing of rollers and wheels
We make rubber coating rollers, pulleys and wheels of various hardness of rubber, including grinding surface.

Rubberizing of wheels and rollers
We focus on the rubberizing of wheels and pulleys. Rubberizing wheels and pulleys is performed without a mold. Size and hardness according to customer requirements.

Rubber industry
Production rubber goods bespoke, repair of pinch valves.

Vulcanizing moulds and containers for tyres
Supplies of mould, spare parts and containers for production of tyres.

Grinding rubber rollers
We provide grinding rubber rollers to the diameter 535 mm and to the 2900 mm length (including the shaft).

Moulding of rubber
We have the ability molded products from technical rubber on press 250x300, 400x400 and 800x800mm with double deck. Presses have electrically heated plate.

Grooved rubberized rollers
We provide grooving rubber rollers on a CNC machine. Number of grooves and a angle of spiral according to customer requirements.

Rubberizing pressure rollers
We specialize in rubberizing pressure rollers with a soft foam rubber.

Manufacture of building bladders
We produce building bladders for tire production.

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