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AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

For almost 20 years we are engaged in the supply of quality groceries from the abroad. We specialize especially on meat and meat products. We can offer you chilled and frozen meat from Lithuania, ham from France or sausages from Spain. Recently we had expanded our offer of dairy products. You can taste delicious Lithuanian cheeses or Finish butter. Check out our entire offer in our presentation.

Products & services

Meat Supplier Prague | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Meat Supplier Prague

We specialize in supply of selective groceries from around European for almost 20 years.

Meat Factory Vrsovice | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Meat Factory Vrsovice

Besides of supply of meat and other products to shops and restaurants we also run our own shop.

Meat Sales - Wholesales | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Meat Sales - Wholesales

We supply chilled and frozen meat, cheeses, sausages and other products from countries like Spain, France, Litvania, Estonia and Findland.

Meat Products | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Meat Products

Do you feel like a high quality ham from France or serrano ham from Spain?

Ham Wholesale | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Ham Wholesale

We are engaged in the wholesale of ham from Spain and France.

Frozen and Chilled Ham | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Frozen and Chilled Ham

Selected ham belongs within the main meat products that we deliver.

Selling Leads

Jerked Meat - Current Cuisine Hit | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Jerked Meat - Current Cuisine Hit

Behind the term jerked meat, or also "pulled pork", you can discover a pork meat product in a vacuum packaging, that is separated into different fibers. Jerked meat is the current cuisine hit, since its preparation is very fast and easy. The jerked meat can fill up tortillas or pancakes. It is also delicious baked with pasta, salads, or on the top of pizza etc. Look at our website, or get in touch with us. [more information]

Chorizo - Spanish Salamy | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Chorizo - Spanish Salamy

Chorizo is a traditional Spanish salamy, whose fame knows no borders. If something is really worth trying it is the traditional Spanish sausage delicacy. If you have any questions, contact us, we will be happy to answer them. Because Chorizo is not only a salamy, it is a taste experience, that is worth it. Contact us, we will be happy to also recommend you other delicacys. We are looking forward to you! [more information]

Džiugas - Cheese for Gourmets | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

Džiugas - Cheese for Gourmets

We are a supplier of a delicious fermented Dziugas cheese. It is a hard cheese, which is delivered in different stadiums of ripening from 12 to 36 months. Delicious taste of the Dziugas cheese bring the quality and original taste into the kitchen of not only gourmets. If you want to learn more, get in touch. We will be happy to answer your questions. Dziugas - the cheese for gourmets. [more information]

French Ham from the Bone | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.

French Ham from the Bone

French ham from the bone is a very popular article from our subscribers. Exclusive taste and scent of the French ham from the bone appriciate even the biggest gurmets. We are engaged in the wholesale sales of meat products, sausages and other products, such as cow cheeses. In case of any questions please contact us, we will be happy to help you. We are a reliable supplier and we will be happy to cooperate with you. [more information]


Jerked Pork Meat | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.
Germanto Tilsit Loaf Lithuania | AGLO Trading, s.r.o.