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ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.

ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.

ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.

ADH-PLOTY s.r.o.

Fence and mesh sale

Fence implementation and service

Turnkey basis fences

Garden meshes, galvanized or plastic

Production of fences on bespoke Vysocina

Decorative concrete fence

Welded mesh, mobile fencing, welded pannels

Property fencing Vysocina

Breeding and forrestry meshes

Locksmithing manufacture on bespoke Vysocina

Square and hexagonal galvanized and plastic meshes

Fence pannels 2D

Fence pannels 3D

Mobile fencing

Fence columns and strunts

Barbed wires

Razor blade fence tape

Razor blade fence

Sliding gates, garden gates

Security fences, razer blade wires

Locksmithing: metal staircases, railings, gates