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ACOLOR s. r. o.

Basic Introduction

We are a specialized dealer of a wide range of cleaning and care treatment for wood, furniture and floors. Choose from a variety of colors, lacquers, oils, waxes, stains, parquet oils, shellac bases, wood glues, furniture varnishes and much more. As an additional assortment, we offer quality wooden door handles completely custom-made.

Products & services

Paints, lacquers, wood stains
We offer paints, varnishes and lacquers for wood, both water-soluble and solvent-based. Range also includes in-fill and high-viscosity lacquers, thinners, hardeners, varnishes for wooden floors, furniture and water-borne furniture. Visit our website.

Oils and waxes for wood and stone
We provide sales of oils and waxes for wood and stone for finishing. Oils for interior and exterior. Oils and stone waxes prevent or slow algae growth. They make cleaning easier and sully harder.

Wood stains
We supply various wood stains. Optionally, we mix stains according to the samples. You can find muddy, waxy, rustic, positive, lye and water-based mordants.

Administration waxes
We deal with delivery of waxes in a variety of designs and color shades. Administration waxes effectively remove minor defects and are also very easy to grind.

Parquet oils
We provide parquet oils for the complex maintenance of wooden parquet floors. You will find a selection of different parquet oils. We will be happy to help you and recommend a product optimal for your floor.

Shell fundamentals
We provide shellac bases of natural origin. In our assortment you can choose from various options of shellac bases, thinners, polishes, fillers, etc.

Kleiberit adhesives
We are engaged in the sale of quality Kleiberit adhesives for wooden joints. We offer Kleiberit adhesives in different pack sizes according to your needs.

Cleaning and care for floors
We deliver cleansing and care treatment of first class quality. We provide cleaning and care for maintenance of laminate floors, lacquered and oiled wooden floors. You can find complete offer on our website.

Wooden door handles
We assemble wood handles completely customized to your specifications. We offer wooden door handles made of beech, oak, plum, elm, apple, walnut, cherry, etc.

Furniture lacquers
We provide furniture lacquers water-soluble in gloss and matt finish. Furniture varnishes have a specialized composition that significantly prolongs the life of the furniture.

Selling Leads

Oils and waxes for wood

Oils and waxes for wood

In our assortment you will find quality oils and waxes for indoor and outdoor wooden surfaces. Beautifully smooth surface, pleasant to touch, glowing to look, these are high quality oils ...

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Quality wood varnishes and lacquers

Quality wood varnishes and lacquers

We offer lacquers and glazes for outdoor and indoor conditions. Take a look at our offer and choose from a wide range of varnishes and lacquers. The products offered are ...

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Waxy parquet oil

Waxy parquet oil

Want to have a beautiful wax floor at home? Use high quality waxy parquet oil. Wax oil is designed to care for parquet and wood flooring. It is applied differently, ...

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