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ABC Českého Hospodářství a.s. Products & services

Business contacts database

We manage a business contacts database. The companies are clearly located in the company catalog, which is divided by the branches and sub-sectors of the companies. Companies can also be filtered by region.

Product visibility, services of your company

Want to promote your business and products / services on the Internet? With your company presentation and offers you can promote your company and your products / services. Entering a bid is simple, fast and efficient.

Request a FREE request

Are you looking for a new supplier or a specific product, product or service and do not have time to look for companies? Take advantage of the inquiry form and submit your own inquiry. In a short period of time, emails will begin to go directly to your business.

Sending queries, bids to email

Actual offers and inquiries are daily distributed to registered users directly in their e-mail so that they can respond to these offers / requests as quickly as possible. Registered users determine by themselves what fields of demand / offer they want to receive.

Reviews, references, business reviews

Do you have a product / service experience from a company that is posted on the ABC Czech Economy Portal? Share this experience and rate your business and write a short review / review / review.


Do not have your own website or are your existing ones unsuitable? ABC offers you the opportunity to set up a website with a choice of 4 design templates and help with domain selection, content and graphics.