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ABC Českého Hospodářství a.s. For more information about ABC Czech - activities, references, facebook.

The Market of Buying and Selling Leads - ABC Českého Hospodárství is the biggest Czech internet B2B market of Buying and Selling Leads with long-term tradition.

The aim of The Markets of Buying and Selling Leads is to mediate new Business Opportunities to companies not only from Czech and Slovak Republic but also from abroad and to support their business activities in this way.

Why to trade on The Market of Buying and Selling Leads?

  • You get new or lucrative orders
  • You directly address attractive target group of your customers.
  • You save money by the purchase of raw materials or services.
  • You replenish your free production capacities.
  • You form new business partnerships.
  • You get more complex offer of advertisement products which strengthens your marketing campaigns.
  • You widen your sphere of activity into other regions.
  • You save money and time by trading- you noticeably restrict costs for advertisement and get better effectiveness