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ABC Českého Hospodářství

ABC Czech Republic runs the portal with the largest number of companies in the region. The company directory allows searching and inserting companies into the catalog database. Search companies in the list of services, crafts, manufacturers, etc.

Products & services

Construction | ABC Českého Hospodářství


In the Building Industry section, look for all the most important players on the market in this field. You will find companies dealing with the offer of construction work, supply of materials and all the necessary elements for constructions.

Agriculture | ABC Českého Hospodářství


Are you asking for agricultural crops, services, or products? Then you are right here. In the section Agricultural , you can find breeders, gardeners, growers and wine-makers, all of them whose creed is quality and reliability.

Auto-moto | ABC Českého Hospodářství


Cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles, as well as moto services such as service, towing services can be found in the section Auto-moto. And that is definitely not all, you can find co-operative and supplier partners here.

Safety and protection | ABC Českého Hospodářství

Safety and protection

There is nothing more important than protecting health and life at all. If security and protection is important to you, then take advantage of this section. You will find experts on fire protection, security systems and protective working aids.

Transport, storage | ABC Českého Hospodářství

Transport, storage

The transport and storage department solves where, when and what to move, transport, but also where to store and how quickly, safely and most effectively implement everything. Are you looking for transport professionals in all ways? Here we are.

Ecology and waste | ABC Českého Hospodářství

Ecology and waste

Where to go, or how to recycle, collect, dispose, sort, but also care and clean. Companies looking for ecology and waste can be found here together so you can choose according to the type of service and your needs. Everyone is welcome.

Selling Leads

Richard Wiehl - earthworks | ABC Českého Hospodářství

Richard Wiehl - earthworks

Richard Wiehl is engaged in the execution of earth, excavation and demolition work. All work is done manually and mechanically, with its own quality equipment. They carry out excavations of pipelines, sewerage, electrical distribution, adjust the pool for landscaping, prepare a construction site, excavate cellars, carry out demolition work. The company is flexible, reliable and inexpensive. [more information]

Nebankovní dům | ABC Českého Hospodářství

Nebankovní dům

The company offers lending through a non-bank house for everyone. The offer of services reflects the needs of both individuals and legal entities. They provide loans with collateral and non-collateral, business loans, real estate services. Non-bank loans offer with high reliability and absolute discretion. [more information]

LAKOVNA JAKUB s.r.o. | ABC Českého Hospodářství


LAKOVNA JAKUB s.r.o. offers professional services in powder coating of metals. Powder coating is an effective metal treatment that provides maximum resistance to abrasion, corrosion or winding. Powder coating is applied by means of a special application gun, which allows this to be done in interiors and exteriors. The result is not only increased durability but also attractive appearance. [more information]

CORTAR SERVICE s.r.o. | ABC Českého Hospodářství


CORTAR SERVICE s.r.o. will provide comprehensive storage services. It has high-quality storage facilities for the most delicate goods, including related services, such as landing and then reloading goods, all handling of goods, weighing, packing of goods for other purposes, and, of course, necessary administration associated with handling and storage records. [more information]