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ABAX servisní centrum s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We are a professional IT service provider. We provide notebook and tablet service, service of smartphones, iPhones and iPads, laser printer service, software and hardware installation, express service of computers and laptops, BIOS rescue, data recovery, toner and cartridge renovation, computer fault diagnosis, camera service and much more.

Products & services

Laptop and tablet service
We provide notebook and tablet service for all available brands on the domestic market. We provide service of laptops and tablets including the possibility of collection and transport from all over Czech Republic.

Spare parts for laptops
We offer spare parts for laptops of various brands. Laptop replacement parts from us can be purchased quickly and conveniently from your home. We guarantee fast delivery of goods.

IPhones and iPad service
We maintain iPhones and iPads in very short deadlines. We provide complete software support and post-warranty service for iPhones and iPads.

Service of SAMSUNG and APPLE smartphones
We carry out all repairs and servicing of SAMSUNG and APPLE smartphones. We provide SAMSUNG and APPLE smartphone service both in standard and express times.

Data recovery
We are rescuing and recovering data from hard drives, HDDs, USB, DVDs or CDs. We report above-average success when saving and restoring data.

Service of laser printers
We specialize in the service of laser printers of all brands. We offer fast and affordable service to printers.

Camera service
We provide cameras servicing with orders from all over the Czech Republic. We deliver cameras service in very short time - 60% repair of cameras can be done within one week.

Servicing of projectors
We service projectors for data and video projectors. We can provide service and repairs to data projectors within 10 days.

Desktop computer service
We offer desktop computers with average repairs within 3 days. We provide desktop service, including the possibility of collecting equipment from all over Czech Republic.

Backup service
We provide backup power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies. Upon agreement we can provide express service of backup sources with repairs within 24 hours.

Spare laptop rental
We run a spare laptop rental in case of your repair. In our notebook rental shop we offer you reliable notebooks from different brands.

Uninstalling the operating system
We ensure desktop operating system reshaping. Refresh of the operating system is only charged for orders for which the customer did not drop the OS or did not pass the password.

BIOS reinforcement
We are devoting ourselves to BIOS hardware reinforcement. You only declare the BIOS for orders where the customer did not dial the device or did not pass the password.

Data recovery
We focus on data recovery from different types of media. We offer rescue and data recovery even in express times within 24 hours.

Installation of software and hardware
We devote ourselves to installing software and hardware into information technology equipment. We install the software and hardware on site or at our service center.

Express service of computers and laptops
We provide express service of computers and notebooks throughout Czech Republic. We provide express delivery of computers and laptops within 24 hours of delivery.

Toner and cartridge renovation
We are refurbishing toners and cartridges from various manufacturers. Toner and cartridge refills are provided for original and alternative print cartridges.

Diagnosis of computer malfunctions
We provide diagnostics for various computer failures. We perform a computer fault diagnosis without a computer repair or computer repair service.

Selling Leads

Quality repairs and service of cameras

Quality repairs and service of cameras

Years of experience and first-class instrumentation puts us at the forefront of quality repairs and camera service. We provide professional service of analogue and digital cameras, almost all brands of ...

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Rescue and restoration of data carriers

Rescue and restoration of data carriers

We provide fast data rescue and data recovery from data carriers. Have you lost data on HDD, CD, DVD, USB, FLASH and can not get it? Contact us! We provide ...

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Repairs of data carriers

Repairs of data carriers

We carry out repairs of data carriers based on on-line ordering. We provide the collection of data carriers and other IT equipment for repair throughout Czech Republic. Before we repair ...

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