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ASM spol. s r.o.

Company Profile

ASM spol. s r.o.

ASM spol. Ltd. specializes in the supply of products and data communication networks. We also provide service computers - PCs, servers, notebooks, peripherals and LAN / WAN equipment. We specialize in complete building LAN. We create a design, project and carry out a complete implementation.

Our product range includes:

  • Active network elements - ethernet switches, wireless features WiFi, security gateways, routers, convectors, multi-server, control servers, the MediaServer, network cards.
  • Passive network elements - Ethernet wiring, wireless components, coaxial wiring, data cabinets, measuring devices, surge protection, installation material.
  • Optical network - cables, adapters, connectors, sockets, optical modules, welders, breakers, testers, locators, tube systems.
  • Vision Systems - IP, AHD, HDCV, mobile, hidden lenses.
  • Security systems - Vidobell systems, home automation, access control systems.
  • Industrial elements - convectors, PoE injectors, optical modules, DIN power supply and cables.
  • Disk systems - disk arrays, NAS, encrypted drives, controllers and emulation.

More information can be found on our website.

Business Activity Specification

  • Wholesale
  • Business Service
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