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PRHAS s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We are supplying fire extinguishers and complete accessories. We distribute foam, powder, water and snow fire extinguishers, hydrants and hydrant systems, autonomous fire detectors, sorption substances, etc. We provide service and inspection of fire extinguishers, according to valid legal regulations. We supply fire protection tables and photoluminescent escape tables.

Products & services

Sale of fire extinguishers and accessories Prague
We provide sales of fire extinguishers and complete accessories. Our eshop offers: fire extinguishers, fire water pipes, autonomous detectors, landmarks, sorbents, fire brigades and other accessories for fire extinguishers.

Service + inspection of fire extinguishers Prague
We provide service and inspection of fire extinguishers according to Decree No. 246/2001 Coll. We service and inspect fire extinguishers throughout Czech Republic.

Water fire extinguishers Prague
We provide water fire extinguishers which are especially suitable for extinguishing solids. Water fire extinguishers are certified according to the European standard ČSN EN - 3.

Snow fire extinguishers Prague
We provide carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. We provide snow fire extinguishers in 2 or 5 Kg packs. Within the framework of the capital city. We import fire extinguishers FREE of charge.

Powder fire extinguishers Prague
Powder fire extinguishers are available in different sizes. Powder fire extinguishers are especially suitable for extinguishing electrical equipment, flammable gases, solid materials, etc.

Foam fire extinguishers Prague
Foam fire extinguishers are used primarily for extinguishing solid flammable substances and flammable liquids. We also service and perform regular revisions on foam fire extinguishers.

Mobile extinguishers Prague
Mobile extinguishers are primarily designed for industrial environments. Mobile extinguishers offered: powder, foam and snow.

Hydrants and hydrant systems Prague
Hydrants and hydrant systems are available in various variants. We provide hydrants and hydrant systems to residential, non-residential and industrial buildings. All of our products meet the required standards and norms.

Autonomous fire detectors
Autonomous fire detectors are important security and housing security components. We have autonomous fire detectors for various purposes: photoelectric fire detectors, smoke sensors, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and alarm.

Sorption material
We distribute sorption material for liquid extraction. The sorption material contains expanded perlite, which is harmless, non-flammable and chemically neutral.

Smoke sensors
We provide smoke sensors equipped with photoelectric technology for more sensitive fire detection. Smoke sensors are certified in accordance to EN 14604, according to the requirements of Decree MV č.23/2008 about tech. conditions of fire security.

Carbon monoxide detectors
We are engaged in the sale of carbon monoxide detectors with high-quality electrochemical sensor. The carbon monoxide detectors are supplied together with wall mounting accessories.

Fire extinguisher covers
We provide fire extinguishers covers in different designs. We have covers for fire extinguishers on a key, with a window, with a lock and with a buckle.

Photoelectric fire detector
We distribute photoelectric fire detectors for smoldering fires. The photoelectric fire detector is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor that reliably registers the already smoldering fires.

Fire protection tables
We distribute fire protection tables for civil and industrial constructions. We offer fireproof self-adhesive foils and plastic photoluminescence tables with themes of escape routes, fire extinguishers, hydrants, etc.

Photoluminescent escape tables
We provide photoluminescent escape tables in various designs. Photoluminescent escape tables are provided for marking escape routes, directional arrows, floor arrows, exits, etc.

Fire books
We supply firefighting books for clear fire protection management and controls. Fire books are used for the simple registration of fire inspections, identifying deficiencies and their removal, training of employees and fire patrols, etc.

Halon extinguishers
We offer halon fire extinguishers with extinguishing halon gases. Halon fire extinguishers are one of the most efficient fire extinguishers, but handling must be handled by experts.

Selling Leads

Powder fire extinguisher for approval

Powder fire extinguisher for approval

The PG 6 Euro-P powder fire extinguisher is particularly suited for approval because it meets all the requirements of Decree of MV No. 23/2008 Sb. o n the technical conditions ...

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Snow fire extinguisher

Snow fire extinguisher

The snow fire extinguisher is used in the industry. When extinguishing, no extinguishing agent remains, it is ideal for extinguishing fine mechanics, combustion or electric motors and equipment such as ...

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Mobile extinguishers

Mobile extinguishers

We offer mobile fire extinguishers. In our e-shop you can find several types - powder, snow and foam extinguishers and are designed especially for industrial plants. We will advise you ...

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