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MARTING, s.r.o.

Products & services

Conveyor belt
We provide conveyor belt for the transport of both loose and piece material. Conveyor belts are offered in different variations: horizontal, slat, palatal, broken and with metal sheets.

Roller conveyors
We provide sale of high quality roller conveyors and roller trails. Roller conveyors constructed by us, are suitable for transport of high-weight cargo.

Belt conveyors
We provide belt conveyors for transport of piece products, even very wide products. Belt conveyors are made on a bespoke according to the requirements.

Chain conveyors
We provide production and sale of chain conveyors, which can be used both as individual or combined routes. Chain conveyors are to be used for middle-weight cargo and they are also heat-resistant.

Modular conveyors
We produce high quality modular conveyors, which are thanks to their construction and surrface ideal for transport of comlex material. Modular conveyors are equipped with a belt highly resistant to any mechanical demage.

Worm inlet separators
We sell worm inlet separators from extrusion. Worm inlet separators are equipped with adjustable separating slit and they are suitable for non-stop progress.

Work positioning platforms
We produce and sell work positioning platforms for automated sevices. Work positioning platforms are designt and constructed according to service and product-skills requirements.

Refrigeration and separating conveyors
We provide high quality refrigeration and separating conveyors for smooth refrigeration of automated service. We provide refrigeration and separating conveyors with water tube, cooling conveyors and air units.

Sorting flaps and sorting equipment
We produce sorting flaps and sorting equipment for self-working sorting of material into boxes, and other transport material. Sorting flaps and equipment are provided linear, rotary, slip and palatal.

Service of conveyor equipment
We provide service of conveyor equipment. We provide both warranty and post-warranty service and spare parts.

Mechanization and automation of services
We provide mechanization and automation of services. We offer automated rotary and loading equipment, conveyor closing units, moveers, carousels. Mechanization and automation will be designed according to your needs.

Control and positioning devices
We sell control and positioning devices and units. Thanks to the control and positioning devices you can track weight of the product and its parts, its quality and complecity.

Tanks and hoppers
We provide high quality tanks and hoppers for automated productions. We offer tanks, hoppers and slippings for different types of transfered material.

Lifting and rotating devices
We produce lifting and rotating devices for automated productions. Lifting and rotating devices are made according to your requirements. We design lifting and rotating devices for materials of different weight.

Ball tables and runways
We produce ball tables and runways on bespoke. We can manufacture industrial ball tables and runways concretely for your type of automated production.

Production and assembly lines
We are engaged in production of production and assembly lines. In the scheme of our production program we realize production and assembly lines, conveyor lines, automated filling lines, spedition lines and nanotechnology lines.

Electro-drums and electro-cylinders
We provide sale of electro-drums and electro-cylinders for engining of belt conveyors. Engining electro-drums and -cylinders offer nonstop cyclic production and are in disposal of high quality cyclo-transmission.

Metal detectors
We also offer metal detectors, which can be used in building, mettalurgical and engineering industry. Professional metal detectors are equipped with first-class mechaniques for easy metal detection.

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