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We are a Czech manufacturer of turnstile systems, electronic parking machines, attendance and access systems, automatic cash registers, non-contact cards, bracelets and other identification media. Under the ELVIS brand, we have been active for more than 25 years. Check out our complete offer on our website.

Products & services

Parking systems | ELVIS

Parking systems

We produce different parking systems. There are also access and departure terminals, automatic barriers and self-service cash registers. We also provide you with parking pillars for quick and easy driver identification and other tailored components.

Turnstiles | ELVIS


We offer different types of turnstiles. You can choose from a wide range of tripod and rotary turnstiles. Simple gates or full turnstiles are also popular with a contactless sensor or other identification.

Check-in systems | ELVIS

Check-in systems

We will install any tailor-made check-in system. Automatic entry to the Zoo, self-service access to the aquapark, ski pass center systems, or a car park access terminal.

Automatic cash registers | ELVIS

Automatic cash registers

Paid car parks or ski resorts usually use electronic cash registers. It is possible to equip them with a payment card terminal. We can also make cash registers for shops, hotels, hostels, WC, etc.

Entrance and attendance systems | ELVIS

Entrance and attendance systems

Companies also often order attendance systems for their employees. Ensure complete attendance records. Upon request, we can add a biometric fingerprint reader or even a face reader.

Access systems for buildings | ELVIS

Access systems for buildings

We will provide access systems to buildings and facilities. Every employee or a visitor uses a contactless card or chip to enter. This method fully replaces the use of keys.

Selling Leads

Turnstile double full-pass | ELVIS

Turnstile double full-pass

Double TPP06D full-turn turnstile is permeable in both directions. Permeability up to 60 persons per minute. It is also possible to have a stainless steel design or version made of galvanized sheet metal. - Modern attractive design - Two-way passage - 60 persons/min. - voltage supply [more information]

Tripod turntable TTB05 | ELVIS

Tripod turntable TTB05

The modern TTB05 tripod turnstile in color or all-stainless design with an attractive and modern design. The turnstile is bi-directional with high permeability. TTB05 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. [more information]

Attendance system ISD COMBI | ELVIS

Attendance system ISD COMBI

A reasonable choice to ensure complete attendance systems with automatic control of security system. With the sensor can further address the individual applications - the dining room, food factory, restaurant and other custom applications. Simple and rapid identification of persons is solved by using contactless ID cards, or pendants. [more information]

Universal power supply and backup source | ELVIS

Universal power supply and backup source

The entire operation of the power supply is controlled by a single-chip microprocessor, the firmware of which ensures high reliability and, on the other hand, monitors the limit states to prevent damage to the power source, the appliance and the battery. By connecting with the GSM communicator module you can send the statuses and using the SMS service or control the whole source. Together with GSM, it is suitable for eg Internet providers for remote reset of resources via SMS. [more information]